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Brilliant Diamond Wedding Set

Royal and majesty, this Diamond set would be center of attention at any ceremony and can make you the most memorable bride ever!
16,940 $ 19,929 $

Diamond Ring

The real meaning of shine! genuine Diamonds Talking to you with pure words and unforgettable sparkle.
4,485 $ 5,276 $

Marquise Diamond Earrings

Marvelous Brilliance with Pear and Marquise-cut pure Diamonds set in White Gold as a pair for Women's earrings!
28,197 $ 33,173 $

Baguette Diamond Ring

Baguette-cut diamonds are representatives of shine alongside a classic vision. This ring is perfectly made for ladies with good taste in jewellery!
2,241 $ 2,636 $

Brilliant Diamond Set

Definition of the effulgence with Majestic Words! Bright pure Diamond on the Women's Jewellery set is Splendidly venerating your Style!
24,688 $ 29,045 $

Hassanzadeh jewellery

We hire your Desire! Find incarnate of your Desire here Check out our New collection to see the newest Fashion and pick your souvenir from the heart of the earth!.

New Collection
Cannes Film Festival 2021 -Sunday, July 18, 2021
We're honored to announce that we have succeeded to be present in Cannes Festival 2021 and broached our name by side of the world.
Hera Jewellery establishment in London -Sunday, January 10, 2021
We are proud to announce the establishment of Hassanzadeh’s new branch in London, UK under the name of “Hera Jewellery Ltd”.
On October 2020, Hassanzadeh Jewellery had the honour to appear in l’Officiel magazine as a jewellery sponsor.
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What is Marquise Cut: History, Factors and applications What is Marquise Cut: History, Factors and applications
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