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About us

A Brief History:

Hassanzadeh Jewellery was founded by Sheikh Haj Hossein Hassanzadeh about a century ago and officially started its jewellery business.

The company, considering ever-increasing success and advancement, needed to stablish a head office which was stablished on April 2011 as a gold wholesaler with five personnel.

Now after a decade, Hassanzadeh Jewellery has various commercial and advertising activities such as design and production of gold and jewellery, online shopping inside and outside of Iran and recently another branch of Hassanzadeh Jewellery has been established in London, UK in order to extend our journey worldwide.

This new branch has been registered in London on December 2020 and is known as the representative of Hassanzadeh Jewellery under the name of “UNTAMD Ltd”.

What We do

Hassanzadeh jewellery has been providing high quality jewellery and precious metals as well as creating high quality bands and unique jewellery pieces for both genders and for people in all ages with different desires.

Our mission is to generate an international jewellery service for people all around the world based on customer’s satisfaction.

We have the honour to provide our customers with high quality and well-designed unique products, after-sell acceptable services and possibility to return the product they bought up to a week.

Our Addresses:

Untamd Ltd

UK: 96 Kensington High St, W8 4SG, London

Contact us:

Contact No (UK): +44 7728443508

Social Media:

Instagram: @hassanzadeh_jewelry

Twitter: hk_jewelry

Facebook: hassanzadehjewellery

LinkedIn: hassanzadehjewelry