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Asscher cut is an octagonal shape with layered facets, it looks similar to the emerald cut but the difference is that it is square. This cut was produced on 1902 by Asscher brothers in Holland and they became popular during the early 2000s. Asscher cut has two kinds: the standard asscher cut and the royal asscher cut with 74 facets. The original asscher cut which was first produced had 58 facets. Then, it was developed during the time with modern diamond cutting methods and improved in the quality.

The asscher diamond cut is one of the most popular choices of an engagement ring for women all over the world. This cut contains large step facets and a high crown that makes it look like reflective mirrors. The asscher and emerald cuts don’t have much brilliance the same as round and princess cut, they are used for their clarity to make a gemstone simply clear and sharp.

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Pink Sapphire Ring

A gift from nature to women. The colour of pink is a womanish colour as it is so attractive and vivid! consider a piece of precious Sapphire in the colour of pink!
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