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The baguette cut is a long rectangular shape which is made of 14 facets. The word “baguette” is a French word which is the name of a bread and the reason of this name is that the baguette cut is similar to a baguette. This cut of gemstone was first created in 1920s and it became more and more popular during this time.

Baguette cut diamonds are usually used as a side stone not as a center stone. Baguette cut stones are made with less facets than the other cuts and they are simply elegant and beautiful. This cut is very popular among the jewelry makers and the reason they are coming more popular is that they are similar to the traditional round cut stones.

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Pink Topaz Ring

a super fancy and stunning ring with the special Pink Topaz shining on its top!
3,200 $

Brilliant Diamond Earrings

Feel the sparkle and shine on your ears with your new fabulous pair of Diamond Earrings!
1,640 $

Baguette Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings reflect the light perfectly and let you shine like the star you are!
3,027 $

Baguette cut Diamond Pendant

Simple designs always shine the most!
516 $

Topaz Earrings

Experience An Unforgettable Beauty With Our Pure Jewelleries.
15,693 $

Marquise Cut Diamond Half Set

Show Your True Power With This Fabulous Diamond Half Set.
3,781 $

Marquise Cut Diamond Pendant

Beautiful And Gorgeous Designed Pendant For Lovely Ladies.
1,232 $

Diamond Half Set

Show Your True Power With This Fabulous Diamond Half Set .
1,921 $

Diamond Half Set

Experience An Unforgettable Beauty With Our Pure Jewelleries.
1,366 $

Diamond Pendant

Gorgeous And Lovely Diamonds Set On White Gold As A Perfect Pendant
587 $

Diamond Earrings

Experience An Endless Beauty With These Fabulous Diamond Earrings.
779 $

Baguette Cut Pendant

Diamonds And White Gold Together Make A Flawless Jewellery Necklace.
925 $

Baguette Cut Diamond Ring

Not Easy To Get Eyes From This Gorgeously Designed Diamond Ring
868 $

Diamond Earrings

Pearl Earrings! Undeniably Beauty With Pure Diamonds On White Gold Base.
1,677 $

Diamond Pendant

Precious Stone! Exclusive And Elegant Pendant With Precious Pure Diamonds.
829 $

Diamond Pendant

Dazzling Beauty! Sparkle And Shine Like The One And Only Moon In The Sky.
671 $

Marquise Cut Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings! Extravagant Jewels Designed With Pure Gemstones For Lovely Ladies
2,549 $

Diamond Ring

Stunning Jewellery Ring With Pure Diamonds Specially Crafted For Modern Ladies.
1,036 $

Baguette cut Diamond Ring

With Our Fantastic Collection Of Diamonds Glow And Sparkle Like Moon In The Sky Full Of Darkness And Make Every Where Bright .
4,053 $

Sapphire Ring

Sparkling Diamonds With Combination Of Sapphire Made A Fabulous Jewellery Ring Suitable For Modern Ladies,.
6,813 $