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Topaz has variety of colours and blue topaz is one that looks so lovely and attractive to be used in a jewellery. This gemstone can be found in places like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia and South Africa.

Blue Topaz has different meanings. This stone is the symbol of Love and Loyalty and represents friendship and emotional attachment. It is also known to help the mind concentrate on important matters. It can be used in any type of jewellery but because of its clarity and calming look, blue topaz is can make a stunning gift as ring, earrings and pendants.

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Blue Topaz Pendant

Heavenly vivid Drop made of sky in an Enamel Lake! Light Blue Enamel and Swiss Blue Topaz Incarnate your Bright Taste if you are interested in the sky Colour
2,935 $ 3,089 $

Blue Enamel and Topaz Pendant

Crystallization of sky. Blue Topaz and Brilliant Round Diamond on Rose Gold designed with Blue Enamel for Women.
2,732 $ 2,876 $

Blue Topaz Earrings

a special work of art! the combination of blue Topaz and contemporary design has brought this piece of wonder to life!
4,005 $ 4,216 $

London Blue Topaz Earrings

London Blue Topaz! So Difficult To Take Eyes From These Alluring And Charming London Blue Topaz Earrings With Pear And Heart-Cut Diamonds On White Gold.
6,229 $ 6,557 $