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Brooch is a piece of jewellery often used on formal costumes and sometimes to fasten 2 sides of a dress together. Brooch is a kind of pin and has been used in many ancient cultures and traditions like the Romans and the time of Queen Elizabeth. Passing through different eras and cultures, various designs of brooch have been produced and became popular.

Today, there are variety of brooches made with different types of materials like gold or silver, and designed with gemstones in colourful brilliant shapes in different size and price. In some cultures of the ancient times, Brooches were first worn by both men and women but now, it’s more common among women and can be a luxurious piece of jewellery for ladies.

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Ruby Ballerina Brooch

Ruby Ballerina! This Ruby Brooch In The Shape Of A Girl Dancing Ballet Can Be Your Smart Choice For Your Special Nights.