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Crown, which is a head ornament has been a symbol of glory and power since the earliest times. Back then, only monarchs could wear a crown for representing their authority. Those crowns were made of metals and decorated with different type of jewels, especially coloured gemstones.

Crowns have been used in many civilizations and still exist in a few countries but nowadays, crowns are mostly worn by brides at their wedding ceremony. Most of the crowns today are made of gold or silver, they can be a sign of purity and bond between the bride and groom and makes a bride look similar to a queen at her wedding day.

Crowns are one of the most precious accessories worn by a bride and wearing a crown, completes the bridal look. There are numerous types and designs of crowns and each one has a special beauty that must be chosen based on the bride’s face and hairstyle. A suitable crown can make a bride stylish and sparkling at her wedding.