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Abalone Shell Pendant

a piece of mother nature hanging on your neck! the pendant is so connected to nature as its design and its materials are both related to nature Directly!
657 $ 692 $

Ballet Dancer Pendant

Nothing can make a dreamier present than a Ballet Dancer covered in bright Diamonds.
8,305 $ 8,742 $

Round Diamond Pendant

The beautiful, simple design of this pendant has made it a great choice with ladies of every taste!
1,215 $ 1,279 $

Brilliant Baguette Pendant

Feel the charm of Baguette-cut diamonds beautifully set together to form a precious pendant!
1,027 $ 1,081 $

Gilson Emerald pendant

Emerald is the reflection of nature in every piece of jewellery! This jewellery pendant with pear emerald and sparkling diamond is a unique piece only chosen by ladies who care for their look!
1,232 $ 1,297 $

Round Diamond Pendant

The contemporary design of this pendant has made it more unique than ever!
1,397 $ 1,470 $

Rose Gold Diamond Pendant

Show your dignity, glory, and originality wearing this diamond pendant! This women's jewellery pendant with rose gold and round brilliant diamond is a suitable choice for every event for every taste and provides an extraordinary charm.
863 $ 908 $

Quartz Pendant

A rose from Paradise! Rose Quartz in a Graceful combination with Brilliant Diamond and Rose Gold, A unique Jewellery make you unique.
1,380 $ 1,453 $

Oval Amethyst Pendant

An Exceptional combination of Amethyst gemstone and Brilliant diamond made a Unique pendant that catches everyone's attentions!
606 $ 638 $

Oval Ruby Pendant

The ruby in the centre of the diamonds that are surrounding it like cherry buds has created a unique masterpiece.
2,752 $ 2,897 $

Oval Ruby Pendant

Dynamic steps towards your dreams with this marvelous pendant on your neck made with a marquise cut diamond in center surrounded with round cut diamonds and oval cut red ruby!
2,824 $ 2,973 $

Oval Ruby Pendant

The red tuned jewellery have always been a symbol of royalty and dignity. This charming design of ruby and diamond with a rose-gold band would make any style look charismatic.
2,414 $ 2,541 $

Marquise Ruby Pendant

Full of positive vibes, the combination of Rubies and Diamonds would always bring smile to your face!
873 $ 919 $

Marquise Ruby Pendant

This Magnificent Pendant designed with Marquise-cut ruby stones and an oval-cut diamond in the center is a special gift for stylish ladies!
1,879 $ 1,978 $

Marquise Ruby Pendant

This Magnificent Pendant designed with Marquise-cut ruby stones and a marquise-cut diamond in the center is a special gift for stylish ladies!
2,013 $ 2,119 $

Marquise Sapphire Pendant

Precious hyacinth shining with you! Women’s Jewellery Pendant made of Sapphire and Brilliant Round Diamond on Rose Gold.
2,239 $ 2,357 $

Heart sapphire pendant

The magical colour of sapphire makes everyone stare at it! look more stunning than ever in this beautiful diamond and sapphire heart-shaped pendant.
786 $ 827 $

Heart Rhodolite & Diamond Pendant

Hang this pendant on your neck and remind yourself everyday that beautiful gemstones always appear from the depth of darkness.
637 $ 670 $

Enamel & Amethyst Pendant

Luxuriously Purple Pendant! Intense Purple Amethyst with purple enamel on Rose Gold to catch every eye!
2,421 $ 2,548 $

Round cut Diamond Pendant

Sparkling jewellery Pendant with Pure White Brilliant Diamond and Rose Gold
997 $ 1,049 $