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Multi Colour Pendant

Flaunt This Beautiful Pendant And Be The Ultimate Definition Of Magnificence And Grandeur.
2,753 $

Abalone shell Ring

Modern Design! This Shell Ring Reflects Light And Beauty In A Special Way To Make You Glow More Than Ever.
1,647 $

Opal Ring

Fantastic Design! Colorful Opal Ring Designed With Diamonds On White Gold For Special And Gorgeous Ladies.
1,467 $

Colourful Grape Earrings

Colourful Grapes! Savoury Multi Colour Stone Grape Earrings On The Branches Of Rose Gold Tree, Beautified With Diamonds, Shining To Catch Eyes.
3,660 $

Black And White Pearl Set

Pear Set! Hassanzadeh Jewelleries Are The Best Choice For You To Be Known As The Most Luxurious Lady In The Night, Especially Our Beautiful Collection Of Precious Pearls And Sparkling Diamonds.
2,413 $

Black And White Pearl Earrings

Exclusive Earrings! The Best Choice For Completing Your Look Is Earrings. You Can Find The Suitable Jewellery Earring For Your Different Styles At Hassanzadeh Gallery And Always Have An Exhaustive Look.
1,133 $

Multi Colour Stone Ring

Precious Stones! Attract Everyone's Attention With This Adorable Diamond And Multi Colour Stone Ring On Your Finger, As A Sign Of Prestige And Style!
4,133 $

Colorful Ring

Multi Color Stones! This Significant Ring Can Be The Reason Of Your Sparkling Smile And Makes You Center Of Attention.
2,787 $

Multi Color Stone Set

Lovely Colors! Dreamy Colorful Stones And Sparkling Diamonds Work Together To Design This Significant Rose Gold Set And Make You Shine Through The Night.
6,929 $

Multi Colour Stone Ring

Delightful Colors! Can't Imagine Any Jewellery More Significant Than This Adorable Colorful Stone Ring.
3,013 $

Multi Color Stone Earrings

Colorful Earrings! Luxuriously Multi Color Earrings With Intense Diamonds On Rose Gold To Catch Every Eye And Make A Remarkable Night !
1,749 $

Multi Color Stone Pendant

Colorful Stones! It's Hard Not To Get Distracted With The Colorful Stone Studded In This Beautifully Designed Pendant.
2,167 $

Rhodolite and Emerald Ring

Feel the love of nature in this jewellery ring with Rhodolite, the stone of inspiration and emotion, along with the gorgeous Emerald and sparkling Diamond!
2,093 $

Colourful Stone Half Set

Feel the peace and tranquility of nature! This colourful half set gives you energy and happiness for your everyday life and makes you special.
4,893 $

Colourful Stone Earrings

Feel the peace and tranquility of nature! This colourful pair of earrings brings energy and happiness to your everyday life and make you special.
3,093 $

Colourful Stone Pendant

Feel the peace and tranquility of nature! This colourful pendant gives you energy and happiness for your everyday life and makes you special.
1,800 $

Brilliant Opal Pendant

The conjunction of Brilliance and Elegance! This jewellery pendant with sparkling diamond and a charming Opal in the center is a lovely piece no one can deny it.
2,940 $

Engraved Coral pendant

Art and Jewellery have been combined and created this masterpiece together!
1,733 $

Triple Bracelet Jewellery

Delicacy and simplicity always make great together, just as they did in these stunning Triple Bracelets!
3,767 $

Emerald & Shell Pendant

The companionship of emerald from the depth of earth and pink shell, a piece of oceans profundity, would make you feel unique and fresh and brings hope to your life.
4,267 $