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Most of the people believe that coral gemstone is one of the oldest kinds of gemstone which is found in many different colours and each colour has special meanings and properties.

Coral is calcified skeleton of sea creatures; most Coral used for the production of jewellery is from the Mediterranean Sea or from the Pacific Ocean near Japan and Taiwan. Also, coral is not so strong and durable, since it is an organic gemstone which can be found in nature.

Today, the most desirable coral which is used for jewellery is a very specific pink to red coloured kind of coral and this gemstone is mostly cut on cabochon because of its softness.

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Engraved Coral Pendant

The engraving of this beautiful visage on a piece of coral has turned it into a valuable frame. The combination of this work of art with the stones of diamond and Rhodolite has supplemented its glory and made it a persistent, unrepeatable piece of jewellery.
1,926 $ 2,027 $

Engraved Coral pendant

Art and Jewellery have been combined and created this masterpiece together!
1,232 $ 1,297 $

Engraved Coral pendant

Coral Pendant! Breathtaking Beauty Of This Engraved Coral Pendant Is Just What You Need To Be Absolutely Stunning.
2,203 $ 2,319 $

Coral pendant

Exquisite Beauty! Specially Crafted Pendant With Diamonds And Coral On White Gold Ready To Make You Sparkle Of The Night.
2,176 $ 2,290 $