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Diamonds are the most Sought-after and the most popular Gemstones in the world. not only in Jewellery, but also in many other kinds of Industry Diamond has been used as it is the hardest mineral.

There are 4 major characteristics effecting on a Diamond's Value informally known as "4Cs" as follows: Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. There are also some other characteristics belonging to a Diamond such as Fluorescence!

Diamonds have been found in a various range of Colours from Colourless to Blue and Red and Green!

The ornamental usage of Diamond dates back to ancient Times in India.

Diamonds, specially white Diamond is the best Gemstone for marriage to be set in the wedding ring.

Ancient Greeks used to believe that Diamonds had been pieces of stars fallen into the earth. Some other ancient people blieved, This Gemstone is tear of the Gods!

Nowadays poeple accept this Gemstone as the Birth stone of the April.

You Could Purchase high-quality Diamond set in Precious metals in Hassanzadeh jewellery.

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Chain Half Set

Feel Glorious and Majestic with This Stunning Diamond Half Set!
6,267 $

Chain Earrings

New Collection Inspired by the most Modern Designs in the World of Fashion!
2,800 $

Chain Pendant

a Classy Jewellery Pendant with Glowy Brilliant Diamonds on it!
3,467 $

Bypass Ring

Our Stunning Jewellery Ring With Its Modern Design Suits Every Taste!
1,667 $

Rose Gold Half Set

Choose to be classy and unique all the time!
12,077 $

Rose Gold Earrings

Feel Precious with our modern jewellery designs!
4,037 $

Rose Gold Pendant

Feel Precious with our modern jewellery designs!
8,040 $

Diamond Necklace

A unique jewellery masterpiece that lights up any fancy ceremony!
5,067 $

Marquise Diamond Ring

Stunning Diamonds are set on a gorgeous base with an eternal sparkle!
4,133 $

Marquise Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings, Shiny as the stars, Incredible as they are!
7,733 $

Men's Rolex Ring

One of our most popular and stunning designs, The Rolex Ring!
1,400 $

Men's Diamond Ring

Diamonds always power up your style!
2,093 $

Rose Gold Bangle

The stylish Design that indicates Royalty and Majesty!
5,840 $

Princess Earrings

Stay in the centre of attention while shining bright like stars!
8,667 $

Triple Ring

a smart design with the vision of 3 Rings in 1!
1,627 $

Diamond Bracelet

Elegant Design, uncountable styles!
1,333 $

Men's Diamond Ring

a Gold Jewellery that completes your style and makes your days memorable!
1,987 $

Louis Vuitton Earrings

Always Fabulous, Always popular!
773 $

Louis Vuitton Ring

an iconic design with neverending shine!
733 $

Louis Vuitton Pendant

Feel the Increasing Beauty of brilliant diamonds on a rose gold base, forming lovely designs of Louis Vuitton Flowers!
987 $