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Yellow Shell Earrings

A shiny star from the sea! Bright Yellow Shell and Rose Gold make a Beautiful pair of Earrings for women!
594 $ 625 $

Sapphire Earrings

Blue star sparkling on your Ears! Women’s Jewellery Earrings made of Sapphire and Brilliant Round-cut Diamond on Rose Gold.
814 $ 857 $

Flower Sapphire Earrings

Jewellery shiny flowers made of Sapphire and Brilliant Diamond as a unique women’s pair of earrings
692 $ 728 $

Round Diamond Earrings

Using diamonds, there are no limits in front of you. The transparent gorgeous pure diamonds on these well-designed earrings would match absolutely every outfit you choose.
822 $ 865 $

Marquise Sapphire Earring

Blue stars shining from the deepest places in the Earth. Blue Marquise-cut Sapphire pieces an pure White Brilliant Round-cut Diamond Beside each other make a very unique Women's Jewellery pair of Earrings.
580 $ 610 $

Flower Sapphire Earrings

Ice flowers shine as beautiful as stars in the sky around the Diamond moon. Pieces of Sapphire are surrounding Round-cut Brilliant Diamonds.
545 $ 574 $

Pearl Diamond Earrings

The modern and delicate design of these diamond and pearl earrings has made them desirable for any taste!
721 $ 759 $

Abalone Shell Earrings

The golden key of beauty! These tiny earrings made of Abalone Shell and Brilliant Diamond hold a very great view of beauty!
530 $ 558 $

Shell Butterfly Earrings

Little butterflies are here to make your days much happier and your memories unforgettable!
727 $ 765 $

Oval Amethyst Earrings

Whole vision of Firmament on your Rose Gold Pair of earrings. Intense Purple Amethyst encircled with pieces of Brilliant Round-cut Diamond on Rose Gold Base to be Stunning.
894 $ 941 $

Oval Amethyst Earrings

Beauty, Brilliance and Brightness! This pair of jewellery earrings with lovely Amethyst gemstone and sparkling diamond could be the best gift for your beloved one.
565 $ 595 $

Pear Ruby Earrings

Crystallization of Fire! Intense Pear-cut Ruby, with Pure white brilliant and White Gold make a Unique Jewellery Women's Earrings.
596 $ 627 $

Ruby Earrings

Stunning Sun on White Gold! Ruby and White Gold with Brilliant Diamond make a unique pair of Women's Earrings that catches every eye!
745 $ 784 $

Rose Gold Flower Earrings

Sense the nature on your ears! This Rose gold earrings designed in flower shape with 2 round sapphires is a spectacular choice for young ladies and teenagers.
580 $ 611 $

Rhodolite Earrings

Unique and unreachable, just like the combination of Rhodolite and Sungea Ruby!
854 $ 899 $

Rose Gold Diamond Earrings

Show your dignity, glory, and originality wearing these diamond earrings!
842 $ 886 $

Diamond Earrings

Blow into the crowd with stars on your ears! These jewellery earrings designed with baguette diamond will make you shine like a star.
868 $ 914 $

Malachite Earrings

Malachite is the stone of chance, empathy and love of nature! This pair of earrings with Malachite gemstone and Brilliant Diamond will give you confidence and charm.
571 $ 601 $