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Earrings are a pair of jewellery worn on ear as it’s obvious from its name. The history of earrings goes back to the ancient Asia when they have been used as a sign of wealth or social status by both men and women.

Over time, Earrings became more popular among women than men. There are many types of earrings, they can be gold, silver, etc. Also, they can be designed by different gemstones or diamonds. Some earrings are long that meant to elongate the neck and some are short which also have their own beauty.

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Marquise Cut Sapphire Earring

The small blue fishes as pieces of sapphire are dancing and turning around of the moon as small pieces of Brilliant Diamonds that they hold the hands of each other in a circle shape like a flower in the Rose Gold sea.
980 $

Pear & Marquise Cut Sapphire Earrings

Gemstones are raining from your ears! Hear the sound of Rain in stunning pear-cut Sapphire.
2,434 $

Pear Cut Sapphire Earrings

Jewellery shiny flowers made of Sapphire and Brilliant Diamond as a unique women’s pair of earrings
728 $

Peridot Grapes Earrings

Savoury Green Peridot grapes on the branches of Golden tree are shining to catch eyes.
2,850 $

Diamond Earrings Wings Design

Shining Brilliant Round-cut Diamond is sparkling on the wings of angels. Shine bright like an angel by hanging these wings on your ears.
8,150 $

White & Golden Pearl Earrings

A metaphor for the Solar sistem on your Ears! A sunny yellow pearl designed with two moon of smaller pearls and petite pieces of Brilliant Diamond make a sky-like pair of Earrings for women who are interested in shiny Pearls
3,750 $