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In today’s world, enamel jewellery has become so popular in a wide range of colours and styles. Enamel can be found in all kinds of jewellery such as necklaces, rings, bracelet and earrings.

Enamels have been used since old ages for giving colour to different jewellery types and throughout the history many techniques have been added, so enamels have been extended, improved in quality and designs and also became more popular.

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Blue Enamel and Topaz Pendant

Crystallization of sky. Blue Topaz and Brilliant Round Diamond on Rose Gold designed with Blue Enamel for Women.
2,876 $

Pink Topaz Pendant

Girlish smile of the Nature showing it's beauty on your neck. Pink Topaz and Pink Enamel make an elegant harmony of colours on your neck.
2,722 $

Pink Enamel Owl Pendant

Flight in silence, with the majesty of the beauty of the night. In different cultures, this special bird has been introduced as different symbols. Designing this beautiful owl and using the art of enamelling, we tried to express patience and hope and bring good lucks.
1,133 $

Blue Enamel Owl Pendant

Colours and Brilliant Diamonds are flaunting to catch your eyes and the Brilliant Round-cut Diamond is winking at you in the eyes of the owl. A bright blue enamel make you show the vividness of the nature on your pendant!
830 $

Amethyst & Enamel Pendant

Dance of the light on the purple jewellery floor! Intense Purple Amethyst Pendant with pure White Brilliant Round-cut Diamond and stunning Purple Enamel!
2,214 $

Amethyst & Enamel Pendant

Sign of the Glory with the colour of the Honour! Amethyst and Purple Enamel are playing together to make a very unique Pendant for the Especial tastes!
984 $

Purple Owl Pendant

The most precious Owl shining on your neck. Owl shaped pendant made of Purple enamel and Brilliant Round-cut Diamond to look Different and Unique!
1,189 $

Enamel & Amethyst Pendant

Luxuriously Purple Pendant! Intense Purple Amethyst with purple enamel on Rose Gold to catch every eye!
2,548 $

Blue Enamel Owl Pendant

Vivid nature is collected in a pendant by the play of colours and stones. Skies are reflecting in the feathers of the owl with the sun in Its eyes as Yellow Sapphires. It is suitable for your kids to shine.
1,144 $

Blue Topaz Pendant

Enamel Pendant! Experience An Endless Dazzling Beauty With Our Collection Of Enamel Jewelleries In Different Lovely Colours.
2,232 $

Enamel Ring

Our Delicate And Classy Designs Are Crafted To Enhance Your Elegance.
2,240 $

Pink Topaz Pendant

White Diamond And Pink Topaz Combination Made This Wonderful Jewel And Makes It A Perfect Pair Choice For November Born Ladies.
1,839 $