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A Fancy cut is any other shape other than the round brilliant cut including marquise, emerald, oval, heart, pear, cushion, radiant, etc. while round cut diamonds are the most popular cuts for an engagement ring, but the fancy cuts are getting more and more popular by passing time and there are many celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry who chose a fancy cut diamond ring as their engagement ring.

The purpose of creating fancy cuts is to produce diverse shapes of a diamond other than the round cut. When buying a round cutdiamond, only the precision is important but Fancy cuts are different in size and shape and also precision, so for choosing a fancy cut there are various choices with different type and designs.

Also, the fancy cuts are almost 50% cheaper than the round cuts. Round cut gemstones require a higher amount of rough stone while in a fancy cut’s shaping process keeps more rough stone from wasting.

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Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

A piece of ocean on your hand! A deep blue piece of Lapis Lazuli in a combination with sparkling white brilliant diamond has made a stunning bracelet for Lapis lovers.
5,391 $

Brilliant & Shell Ring

Aura Shell from the heart of deepest oceans hugs the Brilliant Round-cut Diamonds from the heart of highest mountains in the bed of Rose Gold ring .
2,297 $

Peridot Grapes Earrings

Savoury Green Peridot grapes on the branches of Golden tree are shining to catch eyes.
2,850 $

London Blue Topaz Earrings

It is like a magic to make rain drops from hard stones. Hang rain drops on your ears to remember London weather with London Blue Topaz.
1,838 $

Drop Colourful Sapphire grapes Earrings

Stay gorgeously on trend with these colourful juicy grapes on the Rose Gold branches wich are made of some pieces of colourful Sapphire.
2,220 $

Amethyst & Shell Pendant

Eyes of the sea are looking after the gift of February to you! Unique Greenish blue shells have surrounded a great large piece of Amethyst!
1,269 $