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International women’s day is held on 8 March every year to celebrate women’s performances through history. This day is named for all women all around the world without considering their nation, culture, economy, ethnic, language, etc.

International women’s day started in the United States in 1909 and then it became popular across Europe as a holiday in 1910 due to a German feminist who pushed it to become a holiday. Then it became an important holiday in Russia and spread through other countries like China and Asian countries and as a result, 8 March was named as International Women’s Day.

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Amethyst pendant

The glamour of Stunning Amethyst along with the beautiful shine of Brilliant Diamond made this Rose gold jewellery a Special one!
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Amethyst & Enamel Pendant

Dance of the light on the purple jewellery floor! Intense Purple Amethyst Pendant with pure White Brilliant Round-cut Diamond and stunning Purple Enamel!
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Amethyst Drop Pendant

a drop of luster and sparkle with a shade of genuine purple, ready to be worn on magical days!
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Diamond pendant

Don't miss this sparkling Diamond pendant if you are an April-born lady! this jewellery pendant made with stunning emerald and baguette-cut diamond along with round-cut diamond can catch everyone's eyes easily.
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Heart Sapphire Pendant

A Beautiful Heart shaped pendant for Blue lovers! This Heart Sapphire pendant made with white golf and brilliant diamond is can be an excellent choice for Valentine's day gift.
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Round Diamond Pendant

Similar to the Brightness of sun! Wear this round diamond pendant to become the spotlight among all.
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Sapphire Pendant

An incomparable design for Sapphire lovers! This women's jewellery pendant with diamond and sapphire on pure white gold is also a lovely gift for September-born ladies.
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Pear cut Sapphire Pendant

The beautiful and stunning design of this pendant brings you a sense of joy and freshness.
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Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Complete your attractive look with this Rounded Sapphire and Brilliant Diamond pendant that will shine brightly on your neck!
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sapphire and Diamond Ring

Beautiful Sapphires and Diamonds spinning in never-ending circles on your finger!
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Marquise Ruby Earrings

Precious and stunning, just as you deserve! This pair of Ruby earrings can easily express your love with its inner fire and endless charm.
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Sapphire Pendant

Bring a fresh breath to your life with this sapphire and diamond pendant on pure high quality white gold!
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Marquise Diamond Ring

Feel Luxurious like a Queen with Dazzling Diamond Ring on your finger! This Beautiful jewellery ring with sparkling marquise and pear Diamond pieces can make you very special on your wedding day.
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Rose Gold Diamond Earrings

Show your dignity, glory, and originality wearing these diamond earrings!
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Brilliant Baguette Pendant

Delicate and shiny, this pendant will make sure to keep you delighted when wearing it!
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Brilliant Baguette Pendant

Smartly designed diamond pendant made especially for ladies with a good taste in jewellery!
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Baguette Pendant

The amazing combination of round and baguette diamond! This Bright and Flawless white gold pendant makes you feel unique with its eye-catching sparkle.
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Baguette pendant

This women's jewellery pendant with baguette and round diamond will shine like the moon in the sky on your neck and gives you an exceptional look!
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Classic Rose cut Diamond Ring

The precious diamond ring with delicate, tasteful engravings on its shoulders can make a lovely gift for any lover of jewellery and art!
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Diamond earrings

Make yourself an unforgettable look with this Diamond pair of earrings on pure rose gold that gives you confidence and endless charm!
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