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People all over the world would like to decorate themselves and one of the most popular jewelleries is necklace. In the ancient times, they were worn by both men and women, in different cultures and groups and made with bones, stones, shells and other materials. Nowadays, most of the jewelleries are made with gold or silver, and mostly women use the golden necklace.

Necklace is the circulated band around the neck and it mostly goes along with a pendant, which is a piece of jewellery attached to a necklace. Bracelet is the main part of a set or half set and is usually the most expensive and weighted among all pieces of jewellery.

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Double Flower Pendant

a precious design with 2 Diamond Flowers is what makes your day more delightful!
947 $

Diamond Pendant

Pure as snow and charming as a Diamond!
347 $

Baguette cut Diamond Pendant

Simple designs always shine the most!
516 $

Multi Colour Pendant

Flaunt This Beautiful Pendant And Be The Ultimate Definition Of Magnificence And Grandeur.
2,753 $

Ruby Flower Pendant

No One Can Ever Describe The Endless Beauty And Sparkle Of This Ruby Pendant
2,800 $

Marquise Cut Diamond Pendant

Beautiful And Gorgeous Designed Pendant For Lovely Ladies.
1,232 $

Diamond Pendant

Experience A Life Full Of Love With Our Diamond Collection.
717 $

Diamond Pendant

Gorgeous And Lovely Diamonds Set On White Gold As A Perfect Pendant
587 $

Baguette Cut Pendant

Diamonds And White Gold Together Make A Flawless Jewellery Necklace.
925 $

Multi Colour Sapphire Pendant

Add A Perfect Finishing Touch To Your Styel With Our Exclusive Sapphire Collection.
611 $

Diamond Pendant

Precious Stone! Exclusive And Elegant Pendant With Precious Pure Diamonds.
829 $

Diamond Pendant

Dazzling Beauty! Sparkle And Shine Like The One And Only Moon In The Sky.
671 $

Malachite & Sapphire Pendant

Special Design! Sparkle And Glow And Forever Stay In Minds With This Exclusive Pendant Designed With Malachite And Sapphire.
2,700 $

Heart shaped brilliant pendant

A heart made of jewelry that brings warmth of love and affection to you!
549 $

Baguette Cut Diamond Necklace

Sparkle, Glow And Forever Be In Minds With This beautifully Crafted Diamond Necklace
3,516 $

Japanese Pearl Necklace

Amazing Design! Nothing Is More Sparkling Than The Combination Of Pearls And Diamonds
2,933 $

Rose Gold Diamond Pendant

So Hard To Ignore The Sparkle And Beauty Of This Lovely Diamond Pendant
2,587 $

Baguette Cut Diamond Pendant

Spectacular Diamond Pendant Expertly Designed For Luxurious Women
3,416 $

Diamond Pendant

Casual Jewel! Find Elegance And Beauty In Our Collection Of Diamond Jewelleries Suitable For Every Style.
953 $