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Marquise cut has pointed ends and an elongated shape. It is typically made with 58 facets and because of its long and narrow design, it can make a very gorgeous ring which makes the fingers appear slimmer, but this cut has been rarely used as an engagement ring compared to the other cuts.

The invention of marquise cut goes back to the 18th century in France and it is mostly used for diamonds. Besides its beauty and charm, the marquise cut is often at risk of chipping because of its two pointed ends. One of the important subjects about the marquise cut that the jewellery makers must pay attention is the importance of alignment of the two ends, that makes the balance and beauty of this cut.

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Blue Enamel and Topaz Pendant

Blue Enamel and Topaz Pendant is the endless blue sea that is embraced by the golden beach to Shows how special you are.
2,660 $

Marquise Cut Sapphire Earring

The small blue fishes as pieces of sapphire are dancing and turning around of the moon as small pieces of Brilliant Diamonds that they hold the hands of each other in a circle shape like a flower in the Rose Gold sea.
1,059 $

Pear & Marquise Cut Sapphire Earrings

Gemstones are raining from your ears! Hear the sound of Rain in stunning pear-cut Sapphire.
2,434 $

Pearl & Marquise Cut Ring

Blossom of Elegance! Glorious and lustrous pearl surrounded by pure White Marquise-cut Diamond pieces make a super Luxurious Ring catching eyes!
3,779 $

Marquise Cut Yellow Sapphire Ring

Fiery volcano among sparkling snow. Marquise-cut Diamond and a large piece of yellow sapphire beside each other Create a very precious and luxurious ring as the Marquise-cut is a valuable one Specially when it is cut on pure white diamond.
2,970 $

Marquise Cut Sapphire Earring

Blue stars shining from the deepest places in the Earth. Blue Marquise-cut Sapphire pieces an pure White Brilliant Round-cut Diamond Beside each other make a very unique Women's Jewellery pair of Earrings.
610 $