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People all over the world would like to decorate themselves and one of the most popular jewelleries is necklace. In the ancient times, they were worn by both men and women, in different cultures and groups and made with bones, stones, shells and other materials. Nowadays, most of the jewelleries are made with gold or silver, and mostly women use the golden necklace.

Necklace is the circulated band around the neck and it mostly goes along with a pendant, which is a piece of jewellery attached to a necklace. Bracelet is the main part of a set or half set and is usually the most expensive and weighted among all pieces of jewellery.

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Baguette Cut Diamond Necklace

Splendid Baguette Necklace with sparkling diamonds is created to be the sign of your glory among the white beautiful golden dandelions.
13,152 $

Baguette Cut Diamond Necklace

Brilliant diamonds with exquisite design might as well golden white drops which stacked next to each other to show the splendor of the dreamy queen.
31,530 $

Micro Setting Baguette Necklace

Baguette Necklace with brilliant Diamonds that shines like stars at night and dance next to the crescent white golden moon.
14,820 $

Diamond Tie Necklace

Definition of the effulgence with Majestic Words! Bright pure Diamond on the Women's Jewellery Necklace is Splendidly venerating your Style!
7,700 $

Pear Cut Ruby Necklace

As stunning as Sun Rise! Ruby and Brilliant Diamond Pendant on a sky of White Gold!
7,300 $

Colombian Emerald Necklace

Sap of the Spring on your White Gold Necklace. White Gold and Brilliant Round-cut Diamond, plus Vivid Colombian Emerald on White Gold Create a fresh vernal Piece of Jewellery for Women.
5,459 $