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The pear cut is a unique shape between the round cut and marquise cut. Pear cut which is also called a teardrop contains a tapered point and a rounded end and has almost 58 facets. Pear cut diamonds are classic, they can be worn with the tapered point upwards or downwards on the finger, they are stunning and they can make the fingers seem longer when used as a ring.

The pear cut was first created on 1450s and it is brilliant and sparkling as much as the round and princess diamonds but they are rarely available because only 4% of diamonds are created in the pear shape. It’s interesting to know that many famous people like Victoria Beckham wear the unique and unusual pear cut diamond engagement ring.

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Marquise Diamond Ring

a shiny ring with beautiful vibes to give!

Gilson Half Set

a Wonderful Half Set With Infinite Shine and Glory!

Gilson Chocker

Emeralds are pure and genuine and give you a sense of majesty and royalty!

Gilson Earrings

Gilson are pure and genuine and give you a sense of majesty and royalty!

Marquise Diamond Necklace

Add a sense of majesty to your stunning styles!

Blue Sapphire Earrings

A Delicate Design with Eternal Shine and Beauty!

Blue Sapphire Pendant

A Delicate Design with a Classy Glow!

Blue Sapphire Ring

A Delicate Design that makes any style look brighter!

Pear Sapphire Set

Blue indicates the royalty and majesty of your soul!

Marquise Diamond Ring

Stunning Diamonds are set on a gorgeous base with an eternal sparkle!

Citrine Earrings

The Shade of Yellow in Citrine is very rare and enchanting!

Ruby Half Set

Ruby Flowers All Over Your Beautiful Style And The Reason Of Your Endless Shine.

Sapphire Half Set

Magnificent Design !. find The simplicity Even in The Complex Of situations And Build a world Full of Love.

Sapphire Earrings

Dazzling Jewel! To Celebrate New Beginnings And Cherish Old Memories, Discover Our Sparkling Sapphire Collection.

Sapphire Necklace

Unique Design ! No Better Way to Treasure Your Promises Than With A Beautiful, Rare And Responsibly Sourced Natural Gemstones.

Rhodolite Flower Ring

Rhodolite Flower! Celebrate New Beginnings And Embrace The Power Of Possibility With Our Collection Of Rhodolite Rings.

Diamond Ring

Unique design! This Ring Is A Great Way Of Celebrating Your Womanhood And Love For Unique Designs.

Ruby Earrings

Ruby Earrings Exclusive Design Of These Beautiful Earrings With Diamond And Ruby On White Gold Makes It The Most Special Jewellery You Can Wear.

Emerald Choker

Lovely Stones! Luxury Choker With The Splendor Of Round And Pear Cut Diamonds And Colombian Emerald, An Excellent Choice To Wear At Important Ceremonies.

Marquise Diamond Half Set

Wedding Set! This Luxurious Set With Exclusive Precious Marquise And Baguette Cut Diamonds Is Absolutely The best Choice For Your Most Important Night.