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Pendant is a hanging piece of jewellery mostly designed by a gemstone and attached to a necklace. Necklace and Pendant are often used together but they are two different items. The history of pendant goes back to the time of Pharaohs in ancient Egypt but in a very different shape than todays.

The golden pendants were found in 17th century and they were in the shape of gold coins and cameos mostly. Pendant and necklace have gone through many transformations and are finally in the shape we see now, which has numerous types and designs with gold, diamond and gemstones.

Some people might confound necklace and pendant; actually, both necklace and pendant are worn around the neck but necklace is the piece that goes around the neck and pendant is the piece attached to necklace. Pendant can be worn on any part of body by hanging on a chain but necklace is only used around the neck.

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Opal Owl Pendant

The most valuable Owl looks at you! cute jewellery owl suitable for women who are interested in animals and jewels both together.
481 $ 566 $

Marquise Sapphire Pendant

Precious hyacinth shining with you! Women’s Jewellery Pendant made of Sapphire and Brilliant Round Diamond on Rose Gold.
2,003 $ 2,357 $

Marquise Sapphire Pendant

Precious hyacinth shining with you! Women’s Jewellery Pendant made of Sapphire and Brilliant Round Diamond on Rose Gold.
2,720 $ 3,200 $

Pear Sapphire Pendant

The most precious water drops, walking gracefully on your neck! This jewellery pendant is exactly what you need to have an adorable stylish look.
599 $ 705 $

Blue Enamel & Topaz Pendant

Blue Enamel and Topaz Pendant is the endless blue sea that is embraced by the golden beach to Shows how special you are.
2,445 $ 2,876 $

Blue Enamel and Topaz Pendant

Crystallization of sky. Blue Topaz and Brilliant Round Diamond on Rose Gold designed with Blue Enamel for Women.
2,445 $ 2,876 $

Pink Topaz Pendant

Girlish smile of the Nature showing it's beauty on your neck. Pink Topaz and Pink Enamel make an elegant harmony of colours on your neck.
2,314 $ 2,722 $

Blue Enamel Owl Pendant

Vivid nature is collected in a pendant by the play of colours and stones. Skies are reflecting in the feathers of the owl with the sun in Its eyes as Yellow Sapphires. It is suitable for your kids to shine.
972 $ 1,144 $

Pink Enamel Owl Pendant

Flight in silence, with the majesty of the beauty of the night. In different cultures, this special bird has been introduced as different symbols. Designing this beautiful owl and using the art of enamelling, we tried to express patience and hope and bring good lucks.
963 $ 1,133 $

Blue Enamel Owl Pendant

Colours and Brilliant Diamonds are flaunting to catch your eyes and the Brilliant Round-cut Diamond is winking at you in the eyes of the owl. A bright blue enamel make you show the vividness of the nature on your pendant!
706 $ 830 $

Yellow Sapphire Pendant

The reflection of freshness and vitality in this original yellow and white diamond pendant would bring smile on every face!
1,222 $ 1,438 $

Amethyst & Shell Pendant

Eyes of the sea are looking after the gift of February to you! Unique Greenish blue shells have surrounded a great large piece of Amethyst!
1,166 $ 1,372 $

Pearl Pendant

The moon in Rose Gold sky Designed with Brilliant Round-cut Diamond! Women's jewellery Pendant made of Brilliant Diamond and shiny white pearl set in Rose Gold.
275 $ 324 $

Oval Cut Sapphire Pendant

The stunning Sapphire pendant with its elegant design would make a perfect gift for your loved ones!
877 $ 1,032 $

Pearl & Pear Cut Ruby Pendant

A snowball hanging on the sun! a Bright Pearl in a combination with Ruby pieces make a precious Pendant for women.
1,170 $ 1,377 $

Lapis Lazuli Cat Pendant

A blue cat on your neck! This women's jewellery pendant in the shape of a cat made with Lapis Lazuli and green sapphire is an excellent choice for cat lovers.
2,757 $ 3,244 $

Opal Horse Pendant

A perfect gift for teenagers and animal lovers! This rose gold pendant with opal and charming sapphire gemstones could be a special surprise for your beloved ones.
989 $ 1,164 $

Multi Colour Stone Pendant

The special design of this pendant is suitable for ladies with a different taste in jewellery!
1,102 $ 1,297 $

Diamond Fancy Pendant

Splendid Cascade of light Hanging on your neck! Many pieces of Diamond make a magical Brightness on a White gold band.
5,794 $ 6,816 $

Diamond Pendant

Shinny stars on your neck! This Jewellery pendant with sparkling diamond in the shape of stars is a special one for stylish ladies.
1,442 $ 1,697 $