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Princess cut is a kind of square cut with usually 57 facets. Princess cuts are among the most popular fancy diamond shapes as an engagement ring and it has excellent brilliance and charm. After the round cut, the princess cut is the most popular for engagement rings and the reason must be its brilliance, clarity and price.

The Princess cut diamond is about 30% cheaper than a round cut diamond, because creating a round cut diamond wastes more rough diamond than the princess cut. The princess cut diamond has very spectacular brilliance but it cannot shine better than a round cut diamond. Also, in comparison with a round cut, the princess cut has less durability because of its corners, it’s at risk of damage but yet, the princess cut is one of the most popular cuts and it goes well will many designs.

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Ruby ring

A Rose Gold basket full of jewel flowers! For whom want to have a great view of Ruby, this is one of the best choices.
1,400 $

Yellow Diamond Earrings

As unique as Yellow Diamond! Yellow Diamond and White Gold with Brilliant Round Pure White Diamond beside each other make a unique pair of Earrings for Unique Women!
12,985 $

Men's Ring

Starry sky of Rose Gold. Pieces of Brilliant Round Diamond on a Rose Gold Band, Have made a shiny men's Jewellery Ring for Shiny tastes.
2,686 $

Brilliant Princess Ring

Beauty in simplicity! This women's jewellery ring could be a perfect choice as an engagement ring with its simple eye-catching design with a sparkling princess-cut diamond.
789 $

Trillion Diamond Ring

Sparkle and Shine like a Queen! This Epical Diamond Ring is a perfect choice for your wedding ring that can make you shine like a star at all ceremonies.
9,905 $

Ruby Ballerina Brooch

Ruby Ballerina! This Ruby Brooch In The Shape Of A Girl Dancing Ballet Can Be Your Smart Choice For Your Special Nights.
9,061 $

Diamond Half Set

Extravagant Diamond! Amplify Your Look On Your Special Day With These Beautifully Crafted Diamond Half Set.
23,609 $

Diamond Pendant

Exquisite Design! Be The Most Sparkling Woman Of The Night And Attract Every Eyes On You With This Luxurious Diamond Pendant!
6,216 $

Rose Gold Diamond Pendant

Shimmering Diamonds! Get Ready To Get A lot Of Compliments! Unique Design With Diamonds On Both Rose Gold Base, Made To Make Your Special Outfits More Stylish.
6,169 $

Diamond Earrings

Sparkling Diamonds With This Exclusive Pair Of White Diamond Earrings, Your Sparkle Would Get Everyone's Attention And Love.
1,120 $

Diamond Pendant

Diamond Pendant! Bright Eyes Of The Earth Twinkling At You! A Precious And Unique Jewellery Pendant Designed With Diamonds And The Base Of White Gold!
1,686 $

Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring! Pure White Diamond Snowflakes Set On Pure Rose Gold, Are Here To Make Your Special Outfits More Attractive And Unique In Any Occasion!
1,701 $

Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings! This Princess-cut Diamond Pair Of Earrings Will Effortlessly Add An Elegant Touch To All Your Outfits.
759 $

Diamond Pendant

Sparkling Beauty! Impossible To Take Eyes From The Special Woman Wearing This Beautifully Designed Diamond Pendant.
3,339 $