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Radiant cut is the most modern cut shape with 70 facets, invented in 1977, combines the elements of an emerald and facets of a round cut. Although the radiant shape is the most recent cut, it has become popular quickly soon and is one of the most popular styles for an engagement ring. The radiant diamond isn’t as brilliant as the round diamond but because of its 70 facets, it is one of the most brilliant and stunning cuts and it creates a very sparkly diamond specially as a ring.

One of the radiant cut advantages is its durability; compared to the square cuts, the radiant cut is less at risk of chipping because of its beveled corners so, the radiant diamond is a good option for a lifetime engagement ring. Also, the radiant cut is one of the most affordable ones; during the cutting process a large waste diamond is used and very little is going to waste, so the price is less than the other similar cuts.

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Yellow Diamond Ring

Yellow Diamonds! With This Exclusive White And Yellow Diamond Ring, Your Sparkle Would Get Everyone's Attention And Love.