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Triple Diamond Ring

Simplicity and beauty in the regular designing of the brilliant diamonds will be the reason for you to carry elegance with you all day long.
804 $ 846 $

Brilliant Princess Ring

Beauty in simplicity! This women's jewellery ring could be a perfect choice as an engagement ring with its simple eye-catching design with a sparkling princess-cut diamond.
750 $ 789 $

Garnet and Amethyst Ring

The Beautiful combination of Garnet and Amethyst Gemstones in this Rose Gold Ring made this ring a Unique Colourful piece of jewellery that everyone will like it.
813 $ 856 $

Triplet Pearl Ring

Feel the actual sparkle with this triplet pearl Ring on your finger designed with brilliant round-cut diamonds!
694 $ 731 $

Abalone Shell Ring

This perfectly designed Nature themed ring will bring you the spirit of mother nature!
606 $ 638 $

Round cut Diamond Ring

Diamonds of eternity on the milky way of your fingers! This rose gold eternity ring with sparkling diamonds will surround your finger and is suitable for your every day's life.
592 $ 623 $

Songea Ruby Ring

Beauty and Charm accompanied with simplicity! This jewellery ring made with the adorable ruby stone could be a special gift for your lover to express your emotions.
508 $ 535 $

Round cut Diamond Ring

Listen to your wishes and make them come true with this Lovely Diamond ring in a Wishbone style that can be your everyday companion.
565 $ 595 $

Eternity Round cut Diamond Ring

Elegance With Perfection! Jewellery Is Like The Perfect Spice, It Always Completes What's Already There.
555 $ 584 $

Round cut Diamond Ring

Dazzling Diamond! A Diamond Has Been An Object Of Desire Throughout Centuries And It Would Be Fair To Say That It Is The Most Talked-about Gemstone.
863 $ 908 $

Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Bold And Edgy! Jewellery Is Not Just Something You Wear But A Way To Express Yourself. With This Exquisite Diamond Ring, Embrace, Express And Embody Your Spiritual Side To Its Best.
712 $ 749 $

Pink Shell Flower Ring

Shell Flower! This Flower Shaped Pink Shell Ring Is Beautifully Crafted To Complete Your Special And Modern Looks .
892 $ 939 $

Ruby Flower Ring

Floral Ring! This Flower Ruby And Diamond Ring Is Exactly What You Need To Complete Your Special Looks!
659 $ 694 $

Butterfly Shell Ring

white shell ring! This Is The Ring You Were Looking For To Make You Look The Most Special One Everywhere You Wear It!
827 $ 870 $

Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Sparkling Diamonds! It Is Obvious That You Will Shine And Dazzle Wearing This Beautifully Designed Rose Gold Diamond Ring.
882 $ 928 $

Pink Shell Ring

Shell Ring! Glorious Design With Precious Diamonds And Pink Shell As A Ring To Make You Sparkle.
555 $ 584 $

Sapphire Ring

Blue Sapphire! This Sapphire And Diamond Ring Is Absolutely The Best Choice For Your Loved Ones Who Are Born In September.
544 $ 573 $