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Amethyst Ring

Purple Garden surrounded by Brilliant Diamond Flowers! Stunning Purple in a Large piece of Amethyst on a Rose Gold Ring for Women!
1,843 $ 1,940 $

Baguette Diamond Double Ring

Nothing can ever be compared to a ring of pure diamonds, specially when it comes to engagement rings! This Diamond double ring shines brightly on your finger and can be a perfect engagement or marriage ring.
3,050 $ 3,211 $

Black & White Pearl Ring

May your love be immortal and full of new events, just like the relation of day and night!
452 $ 476 $

Brilliant Princess Ring

Beauty in simplicity! This women's jewellery ring could be a perfect choice as an engagement ring with its simple eye-catching design with a sparkling princess-cut diamond.
750 $ 789 $

Eternity Diamond Ring

Diamonds of eternity on the milky way of your fingers! This rose gold eternity ring with sparkling diamonds will surround your finger and is suitable for your every day's life.
592 $ 623 $

Baguette Diamond Double Ring

What completes a glorious marriage is a memorable pure ring! Make your marriage unforgettable with this Double ring set.
3,514 $ 3,699 $

Baguette Diamond Ring

Sun light on your hands! Pure white Baguette Diamond in a Great combination with White Gold makes a very lovely ring for a pure love!
1,870 $ 1,968 $

Five Stone Diamond Ring

Unique Signature of uniqueness. Shiny and Brilliant Women's Jewellery Ring with White Gold and Brilliant Round-cut Diamond.
3,316 $ 3,490 $

Baguette Diamond Ring

The shine of diamonds attracts every look to itself. Always look the best with this wonderful ring.
1,924 $ 2,025 $

Baguette Diamond Ring

Beautiful, glamorous, and delicate at the same time, this ring of baguette-cut and round-cut diamonds offers its wearer eternal beauty and shine!
2,738 $ 2,882 $

Green Sapphire solitaire ring

The twinkling green eye of nature looking at you! An intense green sapphire set in a base of white gold and designed with petite pieces of brilliant diamond make you as unique as the green sapphire!
1,473 $ 1,550 $

Triple Diamond Ring

Simplicity and beauty in the regular designing of the brilliant diamonds will be the reason for you to carry elegance with you all day long.
804 $ 846 $

Baguette Diamond Ring

Baguette-cut diamonds are representatives of shine alongside a classic vision. This ring is perfectly made for ladies with good taste in jewellery!
2,504 $ 2,636 $

Baguette Diamond Ring

A great choice for ladies with good taste in jewellery, this lustre round-cut and baguette-cut diamond ring would shine on your hand.
4,498 $ 4,735 $

Baguette Diamond Ring

Spectacular Sparkle That Cannot Be Forgotten! This white gold Diamond ring with round and baguette diamond can be a memorable gift for your beloved one.
1,237 $ 1,302 $

Heart Amethyst Ring

Hearts made of amethyst that together depict the face of a four-leaf clover. Faith, hope, love and luck, each leaf is a component!
1,058 $ 1,114 $

Radiant Sapphire Ring

fearless and powerful, just like the sharp edges of London blue topaz. Having this ring of Decembers birthstone on your hand, take firm steps towards your goals.
2,954 $ 3,109 $

Baguette Diamond Ring

Desirable brightness of diamond could be doubled in this white gold ring made with round and baguette diamond which is a great choice for wedding or engagement ring!
1,540 $ 1,621 $

Baguette Diamond Ring

Designed smartly, this single ring would appear as three when wearing it! Do not miss this stunning ring of baguette-Cut and round-cut diamonds.
2,465 $ 2,595 $

Garnet and Amethyst Ring

The Beautiful combination of Garnet and Amethyst Gemstones in this Rose Gold Ring made this ring a Unique Colourful piece of jewellery that everyone will like it.
813 $ 856 $