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Sapphire Is The Gemstone OF September that the word"Sapphire" comes from a greek word "Sappheiros"and It Was first discovered in Kashmir arround 1881.

This gemstone comes in different colors but the variety is blue. Sapphire id symbolized as sincerity, truth. faithfulness and nobility.

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Blue Sapphire Earrings

A Delicate Design with Eternal Shine and Beauty!
893 $

Blue Sapphire Pendant

A Delicate Design with a Classy Glow!
573 $

Blue Sapphire Ring

A Delicate Design that makes any style look brighter!
611 $

Blue Sapphire Ring

Passionate like the sea and neverending like the sky is the stunning Blue Sapphire!
2,107 $

Pear Sapphire Set

Blue indicates the royalty and majesty of your soul!
2,077 $

Pink Sapphire Ring

Pink Sapphire with a fancy colour and stunning shine!
2,400 $

Pink Sapphire Ring

A rare, gorgeous and fancy ring with a classic and luxurious design!
4,933 $

Sapphire Ring

Exquisite Design! No One Can Ignore The Beauty And Sparkle Of This Beautiful Sapphire Ring.
2,049 $

Sapphire And Rhodolite Ring

Glorious Design! Beautiful Sapphire And Rhodolite Ring Expertly Designed For Modern And Luxurious Women.
1,373 $

Sapphire Half Set

Magnificent Design !. find The simplicity Even in The Complex Of situations And Build a world Full of Love.
9,600 $

Sapphire Earrings

Dazzling Jewel! To Celebrate New Beginnings And Cherish Old Memories, Discover Our Sparkling Sapphire Collection.
2,467 $

Sapphire Necklace

Unique Design ! No Better Way to Treasure Your Promises Than With A Beautiful, Rare And Responsibly Sourced Natural Gemstones.
7,133 $

Sapphire Pendant

Magnificent Design! This Gorgeously Designed Pendant With Sapphire Holds The Power To Turn All Heads Your Way.
1,787 $

Sapphire Ring

Sapphire Ring Feel The True Magic By Wearing This Wonderful Sapphire And Diamond Jewellery Specially Designed For Modern And Lovely September Born Ladies.
1,600 $

Sapphire Ring

Diamond Ring! Exclusive Design Of This Beautiful Ring With Round Cut Diamonds On The Base Of White Gold Makes It The Most Special Jewellery You Can Wear.
1,947 $

Sapphire Set

Shimmering Stones. Sparkling Precious Gemstones Used In This Beautiful Jewellery Set Make It A Significant Choice For Completing Your Style.
11,616 $

Sapphire Ring

Exclusive Design! Luxurious Ring With A Combination Of Sapphire And Diamond On Pure White Gold.
2,907 $

Sapphire Half Set

Sapphire Flowers! Find The Perfect Jewellery For Your Everyday And Casual Style In Our Collection Of Sapphire And Diamond.
1,333 $

Sapphire Ring

Sapphire Ring! So Hard Not To Get Distracted With The Blue Sapphire Stone Studded In The Middle Of This Beautifully Designed Ring.
2,333 $

Rose Gold Flower Half Set

Sapphire Half Set! Hassanzadeh Jewelleries Are The Best Choice For You To Be Known As The Most Luxurious Lady In The Night, Especially This Beautiful Set With Round Cut Sapphires And Sparkling Diamonds.
5,273 $