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Abalone Shell Pendant

a piece of mother nature hanging on your neck! the pendant is so connected to nature as its design and its materials are both related to nature directly!
657 $ 692 $

White Shell Pendant

As unique as Shell Brilliant Flowers. Flowers made of White shine shell and Brilliant Round Diamond pieces, in a Rose Gold Women’s Jewellery Pendant, make you able to shine like a Diamond.
2,020 $ 2,126 $

White Shell Pendant

A gift from deep oceans to women! White shiny Shell and Brilliant Diamond on Rose Gold make a beautiful pendant for women!
863 $ 908 $

Yellow Shell Pendant

A shiny star from the sea! Bright yellow Shell and Rose Gold make a Beautiful Pendant for women!
894 $ 941 $

Shell beautiful pendant

The stunning design with the combination of shell and diamond! This particular design of pendant with pink and black shell along with round sparkling diamond on rose gold, made an individual jewellery pendant that will make your style unique.
442 $ 465 $

Emerald & Shell Pendant

The companionship of emerald from the depth of earth and pink shell, a piece of oceans profundity, would make you feel unique and fresh and brings hope to your life.
3,126 $ 3,290 $

White Shell Pendant

Dazzling Beauty! Good Things Come In Small Packs Especially When It's Jewellery.
1,289 $ 1,357 $

Rose Gold Butterfly Pendant

Rose Gold Pendant! This Gorgeous Pendant Is Every Women's Favorite For Its Simple Yet Elegant Design.
910 $ 958 $

Butterfly Shell Pendant

Golden Butterfly ! This Rose Gold Butterfly Pendant Will Surely Steal Hearts With Its Beautiful And Simple Design.
1,198 $ 1,261 $

White Shell & Diamond Pendant

Rose Gold Pendant! This Gorgeous Pendant Is Every Women's Favorite For Its Simple Yet Elegant Design.
393 $ 414 $

White Shell Pendant

Minimal Design! Pair This Beautifully Crated Rose Gold Pendant With Any Outfit Of Your Choice & You'll Be All Set To Make Waves.
481 $ 506 $

Pink Shell Pendant

Shell And Diamonds! Be Exceptional And Beautiful Wearing Our Significant Shell And Diamond Collection.
698 $ 735 $