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Amethyst Earring

drops of Amethyst flashing on your ears! This Amethyst jewellery pair of earrings is a special gift for the ones you love and make them special regardless of their simplicity.
335 $ 394 $

Round Diamond Earrings

Full Moon shining on your ears surrounded by stars of the night! This lovely pair of earrings makes you sparkle in the crowd and goes with almost every style.
1,012 $ 1,190 $

Flower Diamond Earrings

Eyes of the light talking to your Ears. Pair of Earrings for unique women interested in unique White Diamond!
1,282 $ 1,508 $

Round Diamond Earrings

Round cut diamond earrings with fascinating stones set in a base of 18 K. gold help you to be more Intriguing and alluring while are embracing your ears.
1,240 $ 1,459 $

Brilliant Diamond Earrings

Blow into the crowd with stars on your ears! These jewellery earrings designed with baguette diamond will make you shine like a star.
777 $ 914 $

Flower Sapphire Earrings

Ice flowers shine as beautiful as stars in the sky around the Diamond moon. Pieces of Sapphire are surrounding Round-cut Brilliant Diamonds.
488 $ 574 $

Sapphire Earrings

The land of Sapphire flowers with blue colours shines in your glorious realm with the yellow light of the golden sun.
1,010 $ 1,188 $

Colombian Emerald Earrings

the graceful earrings of Colombian emeralds and diamonds with their charming arrangement would be an unforgettable, valuable gift to your beloved ones.
3,288 $ 3,868 $

Brilliant Diamond Earrings

Shiny as the stars in the sky! These pair of Brilliant diamond earrings are undoubtedly a perfect gift for your beloved one that could be set with all kinds of outfits especially for an engagement ceremony and will make you sparkle in the cloud.
1,204 $ 1,416 $

Baguette Diamond Earring

designed smartly in the shape of a square, the delicate pair of diamond earrings is a great choice for minimalist ladies.
2,554 $ 3,005 $

Yellow Diamond Earrings

Diamonds Sparkle, Why not You?! This White gold pair of earrings with White and yellow diamonds will be a perfect choice for engagement or wedding ceremonies.
3,110 $ 3,659 $

Gold Diamond Earrings

Magnetic And Luscious! Carry Beauty And Shine With You Every Where You Go And Let Others See Who Has The Sparkle.
1,204 $ 1,416 $

Oval Ruby Earrings

Simple And Elegant! These Ruby-Studded Gold Earrings Are Everyone's Favorite For All The Right Reasons And A Definite Must-Have.
4,457 $ 5,243 $

Pear cut Diamond Earrings

Splendor Diamonds! Add These Beautiful White Stone Earrings To Your Collection And Never Go Out Of Style.
2,836 $ 3,337 $

Rose Gold Diamond Earrings

Luxe Diamond! Our Delicate And Classy Designs Are Crafted To Enhance Your Elegance.
951 $ 1,119 $

Japanese Pearl Earrings

Japanese Pearl! These Diamond ,Pearl Earrings Let You Live Like A Moon Surrounded By Shiny, Sparkling Stars!
1,668 $ 1,962 $

Round cut Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings! With A Simple But Elegant Design These Earrings Will Surely Complement Your Every day And Special Looks.
846 $ 995 $

Multi Color Stone Earrings

Colorful Earrings! Luxuriously Multi Color Earrings With Intense Diamonds On Rose Gold To Catch Every Eye And Make A Remarkable Night !
1,205 $ 1,418 $