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Valentine’s day is certainly known by people all around the world, it’s also called St. Valentine’s day and is celebrated on 14 February. On this day, lovers give each other gifts to express their love.

What we all know about valentine’s day is a story of a Catholic priest in the 3rd century who fell in love with his prisoner’s blind daughter and on the day of his execution he wrote her a love message and signed “From your Valentine”. About 200 years later, 14 February was named as Valentine’s day and since then, lovers celebrate this day all around the world.

Most common gifts that lovers give each other on valentine’s day are Chocolate, Heart shaped or red stone jewellery, red rose flowers, and any thing that is in red colour or heart design that is the sign of love.

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Rhodolite Ring

Fancy Gemstones on high-quality crafted rose Gold ring!
1,360 $

Louis Vuitton Pendant

Feel the Increasing Beauty of brilliant diamonds on a rose gold base, forming lovely designs of Louis Vuitton Flowers!
987 $

Louis Vuitton Set

a Modern Design with a classy, edgy look!
4,066 $

Louis Vuitton Bracelet

Louis Vuitton's Famous Flower Designs are all-time absolute masterpieces!
1,573 $

Pink Sapphire Ring

Pink Sapphire with a fancy colour and stunning shine!
2,400 $

Pink Sapphire Ring

A rare, gorgeous and fancy ring with a classic and luxurious design!
4,933 $

Pink Topaz Ring

a super fancy and stunning ring with the special Pink Topaz shining on its top!
3,200 $

Amethyst Ring

The Deep Purple colour of Amethyst Enchants everyone!
853 $

Songea Ruby Ring

The undeniable glow of Rubies makes magic when set along with brilliant Diamonds!
3,087 $

Multi Colour Pendant

Flaunt This Beautiful Pendant And Be The Ultimate Definition Of Magnificence And Grandeur.
2,753 $

Ruby Flower Pendant

No One Can Ever Describe The Endless Beauty And Sparkle Of This Ruby Pendant
2,800 $

Diamond Half Set

Experience An Unforgettable Beauty With Our Pure Jewelleries.
1,366 $

Heart shaped brilliant pendant

A heart made of jewelry that brings warmth of love and affection to you!
549 $

Ruby Set

No One Can Ignore The Mesmerizing Beauty And Sparkle Of This Unique Rose Gold Ruby Set.
5,773 $

Ruby Ring

Your Special Style Would Surely Be More Unique With Our Collection Of Ruby Jewelleries.
2,213 $

Ruby Half Set

Specially Designed Half Set For Unique And Modern Ladies.
3,560 $

Oval Ruby Ring

Sense The Beauty! No One Can Get Their Eyes From You With This Glorious Designed Ring With Ruby And Diamonds.
2,400 $

Rhodolite Flower Ring

Rhodolite Flower! Celebrate New Beginnings And Embrace The Power Of Possibility With Our Collection Of Rhodolite Rings.
1,493 $

Pear Ruby Half Set

Flawless Quality ! Special Occasions Call For Special Jewellery. Add A Touch Of Magnificence To Your Outfit With This Unique Half Set.
1,427 $

Pear Ruby Pendant

Delicate Design! This Jewellery Made Using White Gold, Ruby And Diamonds, Designed For Every Modern Woman Out There!
627 $