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Sapphire Pendant

Feel the Luxury and Majesty with this lovely Sapphire Pendant with Brilliant Diamonds that will Shine Brightly on your neck and make everyone look at you!
4,159 $ 4,378 $

Alexandrite pendant

Shine in the crowd with this stunning Pear cut Alexandrite pendant designed with brilliant diamond on white gold which makes it glow on your neck.
2,336 $ 2,459 $

White Pearl Pendant

Rare and Forever loved, just like a delicate pearl pendant on your chest!
822 $ 865 $

Turquoise Pendant

A piece of sky set in a Diamondful white gold. Feel the vividness of natural Turquoise surrounded by High-Quality pure White Brilliant Diamond.
865 $ 910 $

Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Look like a star by wearing this Unique necklace made with a sparkling Rose-cut Diamond in the center surrounded with oval-cut eye-catching Sapphire!
1,490 $ 1,568 $

Ballet Dancer Pendant

Nothing can make a dreamier present than a Ballet Dancer covered in bright Diamonds.
8,305 $ 8,742 $

Round Diamond Pendant

The beautiful, simple design of this pendant has made it a great choice with ladies of every taste!
1,215 $ 1,279 $

Brilliant Baguette Pendant

Delicate and shiny, this pendant will make sure to keep you delighted when wearing it!
1,739 $ 1,830 $

Brilliant Baguette Pendant

Feel the charm of Baguette-cut diamonds beautifully set together to form a precious pendant!
1,027 $ 1,081 $

Sapphire Pendant

Bring a fresh breath to your life with this sapphire and diamond pendant on pure high quality white gold!
2,465 $ 2,595 $

Pear Sapphire Pendant

Stunning Women’s Jewellery Pendant made of Brilliant Round Diamond on White Gold and Sapphire which gives it a marvelous royal look!
1,366 $ 1,438 $

Pear Sapphire Pendant

Deep Blue ocean, Dive to Glory with us. Ocean Blue pieces of Sapphire have surrounded a shiny piece of Rose-cut Diamond to be unique.
7,045 $ 7,416 $

Pear Ruby Pendant

Make an effective impression with Glorious pear ruby showing off in the center of this luxurious pendant, surrounded by sparkling lovely diamonds!
1,900 $ 2,000 $

Pear Sapphire Pendant

The most precious water drops, walking gracefully on your neck! This jewellery pendant is exactly what you need to have an adorable stylish look.
670 $ 705 $

Pear Ruby Pendant

The luxury and modern design of this ruby pendant has made it the most special jewellery you can choose!
1,110 $ 1,168 $

Oval Amethyst Pendant

An Exceptional combination of Amethyst gemstone and Brilliant diamond made a Unique pendant that catches everyone's attentions!
606 $ 638 $

Heart sapphire pendant

The magical colour of sapphire makes everyone stare at it! look more stunning than ever in this beautiful diamond and sapphire heart-shaped pendant.
786 $ 827 $

Heart Rhodolite & Diamond Pendant

Hang this pendant on your neck and remind yourself everyday that beautiful gemstones always appear from the depth of darkness.
637 $ 670 $

Heart Sapphire Pendant

A Beautiful Heart shaped pendant for Blue lovers! This Heart Sapphire pendant made with white golf and brilliant diamond is can be an excellent choice for Valentine's day gift.
406 $ 427 $

Emerald & Shell Pendant

The companionship of emerald from the depth of earth and pink shell, a piece of oceans profundity, would make you feel unique and fresh and brings hope to your life.
3,126 $ 3,290 $